The SSNED funds capacity-building projects with small states as beneficiaries, utilising experts from small states as service providers. It is assumed that experts from small states are best suited to understand the special circumstances of these states. The operational strategy of the SSNED is based on the already tried and tested twinning projects and training workshops . The SSNED also maintains a database of experts and imparts information about small states through its website and periodic newsletters . More information about the SSNED is available on this website (see menu on the left) and a summary of its operational strategy is available here

Funded Support for Institutional Development                        
The Network funds twinning arrangements between small states, where expertise from one small state is utilised by another small state for institutional development in the public and private sectors. The SSNED welcomes proposals from potential beneficiary states in this regard. For further information click here.

Funded Support for Training Workshops
The Network also funds workshops on themes related to its Work Programme. Institutions are invited to submit proposals for  training workshops on themes relating to its Work Programme. For further information click here .

Completed Events
SSNED Mauritius
The completed workshop in Mauritius on "Milestone Judgments in Competition Law"  took place on 24-25 September 2012. More information is accessible here
Barbados Group
The completed workshop in Barbados on "Milestone Judgments in Competition Law"  took place on 30-31 July 2012. More information accessible here
SSNED Sydney
Preparations are in place for the upcoming workshop in Sydney, Australia on "Milestone Judgments in Competition Law" on 10-11 May 2012. More information accessible here .
Board Members and attendees of the RMCE 2nd Board of Trustees Meeting held on 16 June 2011 in Mauritius. Click on image to download in high resolution.